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Author Topic: [BETA] SharkX 1.8 beta 5  (Read 7845 times)

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[BETA] SharkX 1.8 beta 5
« on: Thu 08 April 2010, 17:59 »
Hi my friends  :wub:,

This is a farewell   :pianto: to 0.49c !

SharkX v1.8B5 - 08/04/10

(based on AcKroNiC v5.5B5) changes :

update : CA to fixed TS 2.0 (WiZaRd)
fix : IP2Country VS2005 issue (Fafner)
fix : BadClientFlag (WiZaRd/taz)
update : UPNP for Windows7 from 0.50a
fix : some of my misses from merge to 0.49c on Mod Icons / Country Icons / ICONS related stuff

Most of the changes are by products while working on eMuleFuture merge (not done yet) - however 0.49c days are ending.

Few words about the changes : vast majority of clients will now show country flags (pointed out by no1else), CA status on client details (Eulero), GUI related icons (Riso64Bit).

Next (AcKroNiC) beta will be based on Tombstone after it will be merged to 0.50a - so it'll take some time (I'll start working on it after eMF merge is done  :pcwhack:).

Download links (please update with local ones after upload) :


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