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[0.50a] SharkX v2.0 Beta 1
« on: Fri 03 December 2010, 05:05 »

It's about time for SharkX to return, however it's not close to it's previous versions.
Mods (unless modder / modders "just" provide coding services) should reflect something about their modder, or in other words mods ought to be some kind of personal statement by their modder.

SharkX is mine : meaning it reflects my taste and my choices and unless proven wrong or missing stuff I'll find needed or need to be changed it's going to stay more or less like this beta.

From now on SharkX won't be a vanilla mod (I'm not that skilled, nor "my statement" is that different from all existing mods), it's based on eMuleFuture and it's likely future SharkX versions will continue that path.

Last words before change log and links :

1. Leechers detection and treatment : since there's no official dictation about right and wrong regarding mod name or nicks - there's no real harm done by mod/nick fakers/thieves or ghost as such. As such those are just trying to take advantage of unfair benefits given by some mods (which should be punished for giving such advantages). It's likely that such mods are doing other stuff that is harming ed2k - for that they should be punished, so being just a mod/nick fakers/thieves makes one suspicious. Suspected and leechers mods do not enjoy PowerShare with SharkX and since from time to time they tend to introduce themselves as "new" (by changing modstr) they are treated upon such changes as starting a new session (loose waiting time). Friends are not treated as leechres or suspected.
2. With web server removed, score base sorted upload list should be resorted only upon shared files upload priority (and power share) changes as well as on new additions to the list. No need anymore for time based auto resort.
3. There's a try to figure whether user hash matches known user hashes patterns - however it's done as a base for statistics only.

Change log (from eMF v1.0) :
Based on eMuleFuture v1.0 [0.50a]

SharkX 2.0 Beta 1

remove IRC
remove scheduler
remove webserver
remove peer cache & URL client [netfinity/taz]
remove EMF Toolbar
add official toolbar (no skins only bitmaps)
remove WebBrowser
change sorting upload slots logic [taz] - ReSortUploadSlots is called only upon file priority (and or PS) change
add Mod home - open forum based on selected mod language
add check user hash [DLP]
add 80% score for non SI clients [Xman]
remove score punish for Nick/Mod thieves & Mod fakers [taz]
add zero wait time each new identification for Mod thief/faker [taz] - "new" session
add no PowerShare for leechers [taz]
change PowerShare selection on SharedFilesCtrl - back to previous style
change CA not clearing bad DL counter on count <12k download sessions as failed (Xman's idea) - too easy for leechers to go clean [taz]
add FakeAnalyzer [netfinity]
add One-queue-per-file [Maella (idea bloodymad)]
change from client datarate selection to number of slots [taz]
add Variable corrupted blocks ban threshold [Spike2]
add Version Check [Stulle/taz] + splahed version [taz]
replace country name to Remote Queue Status [Yun.SF3/IceCream] on upload list
change 1'st time wizard : most values are now loaded from preferences [taz]
add Don't remove dead servers on 0 retries [???]
add protect static servers [Mighty Knife]
add Nice Hash [Xman]
Beta should be pretty stable (being derived from a heavily tested mod).

Sorry but no smiles today - it's a sad day in Israel : There's a huge fire and over 40 persons (who came to rescue) died in a bus accident resulted from it.

I do not wish to open SharkX beta thread on official site.

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Re: [0.50a] SharkX v2.0 Beta 1
« Reply #1 on: Fri 03 December 2010, 08:36 »
yes, it's a sad day my friend, I saw BBC news yesterday, I am with you

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Re: [0.50a] SharkX v2.0 Beta 1
« Reply #2 on: Fri 03 December 2010, 20:11 »
Code: [Select]
[b]Collected by SS1900 using SharkX v2.0 BETA 1 (based on eMule0.50a)[/b]

[b]Basic System Infos:[/b]
|--> Nick: SS1900
|--> Client Version: 0.50a | SharkX v2.0
|--> Modversion: SharkX v2.0
|--> OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
|--> CPU Infos: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q9400  @ 2.66GHz
|--> CPU (Usage): 2.67GHz (15%)
|--> RAM (Usage): 8.00 GB (420.99 MB)
|--> Free Space on Tempdrive: 1.04 TB


[b]Emule Settings:[/b]
|--> Max. Upload-Speed: 128.00 KB/s (Limit: 90.00 KB/s)
|--> Max. Download-Speed: 1.46 MB/s (Limit: Unlimited)
|--> AutoHL: Disabled
|--> Hard limit: 600
|--> Max. connections: 500
|--> Max. new connections / 5 secs.: 20
|--> Max. half open connections: 9
|--> eMule ports: TCP: 60001 UDP: 60002
|--> Upload SpeedSense (USS): Disabled
|--> Server Safe Connect: Enabled

[b]Mod Settings:[/b]
|--> SOTN: globally ON
|--> Emulate other: Yes
|--> UPnP: Disabled
|--> ConChecker: Enabled
|--> Payback first: Automatic
|--> Save/Load Sources: Enabled (100|25)

[b]ClientAnalyzer Stats:[/b]
|--> Nickthieveries: 12
|--> Modthieveries: 2
|--> File fakes: 696
|--> UDP-FNF fakes: 69
|--> Fast asks: 1388
|--> Spams: 18
|--> FastXS: 12656
|--> Mod fakes: 37

[b]Upload Stats:[/b]
|--> Upload Time: 1 Days 1 Minutes (100.0%)
|--> Upload-Speed: 87.66 KB/s
|--> Average Uploadrate: 67.25 KB/s
|--> Max Upload Rate: 98.17 KB/s
|--> Max Average Upload Rate: 76.01 KB/s
|--> Uploaded Data: 5.55 GB
|--> Active uploads: 18
|--> Waiting Uploads: 4000

[b]Download Stats:[/b]
|--> Download Time: 1 Days 0 Minutes (100.0%)
|--> Active Downloads (chunks): 68
|--> Download-Speed: 210.51 KB/s
|--> Average Downloadrate: 190.32 KB/s
|--> max. Downloadrate: 348.50 KB/s
|--> Max Downloadrate Average: 210.94 KB/s
|--> Downloaded Data: 15.70 GB
|--> Found Sources: 5889
|--> Too many connections: 545
|--> On Queue: 4587
|--> Asking: 2
|--> Connecting: 7
|--> No needed parts: 425
|--> Asked for another file: 5761
|--> Queue Full: 239
|--> Cannot connect LowID to LowID: 0
|--> Banned: 95

|--> Session UL:DL Ratio: 1 : 2.83
|--> Total size of Shared Files: 729.98 GB
|--> Number of Shared Files: 1006
|--> Number of Downloads: 201
|--> Completed Downloads: 18
|--> Secure Ident (OK : Failed ): 7604 (90.3%) : 195 (2.3%) : 622 (7.4%)
|--> Download Sessions: 5584
|--> Successful Download Sessions: 4851 (86.87%)
|--> Failed Download Sessions: 733 (13.13%)
|--> Upload Sessions: 1626
|--> Total successful upload sessions: 1427 (87.76%)
|--> Total failed upload sessions: 199 (12.24%)

|--> *** Modded by taz ***


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