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X-Ray 1.6 Binari

X-Ray 1.6 Binari


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X-Ray MOD 1.6

Update: Updated Crypto++ code to v5.5.2 (9/24/2007)
Update: Updated MiniUPnP code to v1.2 (07/10/2008)
Update: Updated Argos code by adding some new detection methods for fake emules... (zz_fly/JvA)
Feature: Automatic Restart eMule Client if necessary (David Xanatos/JvA)
Feature: Save Date of the last SharedFileRequest to avoid removing requested files (JvA)
Feature: Relative Chunk Display (David Xanatos)
Add: Added H.264 and 3vid FourCC Codes to the MediaInfo Detection (JvA)
Add: Added DownloadChunkDisplay also to the Downloading Clients List (JvA)
Add: Added some more information to the SharedParts Chunklist (JvA)
Improve: Minor optimization in CPartFile::UpdatePartsInfo (taz/WiZaRd)
Improve: Skip DupCheck if it is not necessary (WiZaRd)
Change: Bad Sources (identified by Argos) won't be sent via SourceExchange (JvA)
Fix: Fixed (hopefully) major source finding bug (JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor official draw bug around SharedFiles Filter on Language change (JvA/WiZaRd)
Fix: Fixed minor draw bug around Toolbar on low resolutions (Hiding speedmeter now) (JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor crash bug around Collections (caused by Modeless Dialogs) (WiZaRd)
Fix: Fixed minor crash bug around ReqFileCtrl (caused by my own stupidity) (WiZaRd)

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