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MassRename v1.1 ITA

MassRename v1.1 ITA


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MassRename v1.1:
- 21.05.2008 -
compiled with vs2005 SP1

Added: Show current folder in title (deactivated when Drag&Drop is used)
Added: FooButton class to underline hotkey letter [Ravi Bhavnani]
Added: Option to disable gradient style of new buttons

Changed: Simple Cleaup hotkey now is ALT+S
Changed: Underline hotkey letter

Fixed: Improperly reloaded file list on applying changes after using D&D

Lista delle funzioni implementate (per maggiori dettagli leggere ReadMe.txt e changelog.txt):

*Add folder to the list of files to rename
*Clear the list of files to rename
*Refetch the files in a folder (undos any change until now)
*Many renaming options like in eMule MorphXT (and other)
*Option to use either the absolute basic simple cleanup or the somewhat more advanced
*Option to enable prompt on exit
*Include subfolder support
*Various renaming tools
*Option to start folder browser on startup
*Drag&Drop support
*Option to make this window the top most
*Ownerdrawn FooButtons to underline letters on vista

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