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[REL] eMule 0.49c [AnalyZZUL v3.0]
« on: Tue 24 February 2009, 12:32 »
eMule 0.49c AnalyZZUL v3.0
modified by Tuxman, inspired by pesti

February 24 2009
eMule 0.49c AnalyZZUL v3.0
modified by Tuxman, inspired by pesti

WHAT   | BY          | DESCRIPTION
BASE   | zz          | eMule 0.49c ZZUL 20090222-2320
IMPV   | Tuxman      | grant friend slot from more lists
IMPV   | Tuxman      | toggle friends from all lists
FIX    | Tuxman      | small Analyzer display fixes
FEAT   | Tuxman      | Spread Priority

Spread Priority is my own implementation of an automatic
upload priority. If enabled (switchable in Options -> Ex-
tended), it will set all files' priority according to their
complete sources count. This does NOT apply to partfiles
or files with the built-in "Auto" priority!   

Old changelog eMule 0.49b AnalyZZUL v2.1
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Re: [REL] eMule 0.49c [AnalyZZUL v3.0]
« Reply #1 on: Wed 25 February 2009, 10:43 »
questa mod ha una feature molto interessante per me che ho molti files condivisi e con molte fonti ! la SPREAD PRIORITY  :angel:. settando il numero minimo di fonti per file condivisi (solo files completi) gestisce automaticamente la priorita' di upload. praticamente tutti i files condivisi partono con priorita' "auto" ,poi se un file a 1 fonte completa passa in priorita' release, se invece un file a 100 fonti complete passa in priorita' molto bassa . e tutto questo in "automatico" !!!.   :arabicdance:


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