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[REL] eMule 0.49c [X-Ray 1.7]
« on: Sat 18 July 2009, 19:50 »
eMule 0.49c X-Ray 1.7

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X-Ray MOD 1.7

Add: Added drop blocking clients (Stulle/JvA)
Add: Added gap support for Part Status Bar of Shared Parts Feature (JvA)
Add: Bypass ICS when preview chunks should be downloaded first (SiRoB)
Fix: Fixed minor roundering bug around slotspeed (JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor crashbug around SharedParts on Single-File Sharing (Tuxman/JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor preferences bug around statistics tree update delay (morph4u)

X-Ray MOD 1.7 RC1

Merge: Merged to 49c Codebase
Update: Minor Update of Antileech.dll - Version 6 (zz_fly)
Update: Updated Crypto++ code to v5.6.0 (15/03/2009)
Update: Updated MiniUPnP code to v1.3 (17/04/2009)
Update: Reworked Shared-Parts feature due to shareable file class
Feature: FunnyNick (xrmb/Stulle)
Add: Added Part Status Bar to Shared Parts Feature (JvA)
Add: Added Fincan Hash detection to Argos (enabled by default) (JvA)
Add: Added RAR support for IPFilter Update (Stulle)
Change: Minor adjustments of the owing upload data amount calculation (JvA)
Change: HTTP-Download Progressbar style is now the same as in the Shared Files Window (JvA)
Change: Several enhancements and changes around Transfer Window (disable list etc.) (JvA)
Change: Altered IntelliFlush to use official FileBufferTimeLimit prefences.ini option (JvA)
Change: Minor changes around vertical Countryflag Alignment (jerryBG)
Change: Now the known clients count in Transfer-Wnd counts instead of beeing static (JvA)
Change: Minor changes around value saving to preferences.ini (faster method) (eMule+)
Fix: Fixed major argos bug that caused that all X-Ray clients were modthiefs (gomez82)
Fix: Fixed minor crash bug around SharedParts feature (JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor draw bug around ClientDetailDialog (Tuxman/JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor draw bug around Sourcecache Column in DownloadListCtrl (Tuxman/JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor cosmetic bug on saving SLS clients (JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor bug on saving Argos preferences (Plain AntiNickThief wasn't saved) (morph4u)
Fix: Fixed minor bug around Argos Nickchanger detection (Rapid_Mule)
Fix: Fixed minor crash bug around SearchResult DetailDialog (morph4u/WiZaRd/JvA)
Fix: Fixed possible crashes around Credit-pointer (JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor PBF display bug around Uploadlist (JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor bug around SharedFilesCtrl that could result in an endless loop (Stulle)
Fix: Fixed minor bug around MassRename that could result in an endless loop (JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor sorting bug in SharedFilesCtrl (moloko+)
Fix: Fixed minor bug around FileFeedback (forgot one codeline...stupid me) (morph4u)
Fix: Fixed major bug around Simple Cleanup -> Simple Cleanup was not working (morph4u/JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor bug around Downloading via Webserver (Stulle)
Fix: Fixed memleak around RollupCtrl (WiZaRd)
Fix: Fixed major crash around SysInfo on Vista (WiZaRd)
Fix: Fixed memleak around Global Hardlimit (JvA)
Fix: Fixed memleak around SimpleCleanup (JvA/WiZaRd)
Fix: Fixed minor unicode bug around Categries if non-unicode Logfont was selected (Tuxman/WiZaRd/JvA)
Fix: Fixed bug around Friends - Friends were not correctly recognized in some cases (Tuxman/JvA)
Fix: Fixed minor bug on IP-Filter update (Crimson/Stulle)
Fix: Fixed minor ID3lib buffer overflow (WiZaRd)
Remove: Removed some more redundant official code around Transfer Window Style
Remove: Removed redundant Optimization around List Controls due to 49c merge
Remove: Removed redundant buggy fix for filtertext update on language change


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